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Reflect. Release. Renew.

Stillness Annual Fire Ceremony

Saturday February 1st

6:30 - 9:30 p.m.


It’s time for our Annual Fire Ceremony!
Reflect. Release. Renew

Release the Old and Welcome in the new at our Fire Ceremony on Saturday February 1stat 6:30 p.m. at Stillness Yoga and Meditation Center. Together we will offer all that we wish to clear and release into the Fire and create sacred space for our Intentions for the New Year. We will embrace the new year with clarity through meditation, reflection and uplifting community. An amazing evening of inspiration and intention!

Please RSVP and register at www.stillnessyoga.com
$35 per person
pre-registration required by January 25th
Rain or Shine
Ayurvedic Foods will be served after the ceremony.

Healing Circle

with Rose Mary White

Friday February 7th

7:00 p.m.


The most profound description of energy healing would be pure unconditional love. In Japanese "Rei" means spirit, divine, or miraculous and "Ki" means breath, force, energy or intention. You can think of it simply as a loving power that heals.
Reiki Energy Healing supports the body in restoring balance for your overall well-being and health of the body, mind, emotions and inner spirit.
Energy Healing can be beneficial for:
*Reduction in Chronic Pain or Stress
*Clarity in areas of your life that you may have questions
*Releases Negative Energies
*Reduction in Anxiety and Depression
*Decrease in Pain and Discomfort
*Balances the Chakras and Auras…and more.

Limited to 4 students. $25 per person

Rest in the Heart

A Restorative Yoga and Sound Bath Experience

February 8th

7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Rose Mary White and Stephanie Clement

An evening to rest in the heart:

Restorative yoga and sound bath

It is so important that we re-learn the art of resting and relaxing. Settling into our bodies, quieting our minds and resting in the stillness of our heart.

Join Rose Mary and Stephanie  at 7-9 pm, for a fully propped and supported restorative yoga practice and let the sound vibrations of crystal bowls, gong, chimes and Himalayan bowls wash over you and fill you with a sweet and settling sense of resting in your own heart.

$30 per person space is limited .

Ayurveda: 5 Elements and 3 Doshas

Sunday February 9th

4 p.m - 6 p.m.

With Smita Daya and Stephanie Clement

at Stillness Yoga and Meditation Center


Smita Daya, Olea Oliva! and Stillness Yoga team up for a year of insightful wellness and nutritional support through the sister science of yoga - Ayurveda!

Please see our Ayurveda tab on our homepage https://www.stillnessyoga.com/ayurveda

 Sound Meditation with Stephanie

ThursdayFebruary 13th

7 p.m.

“To listen is to lean in softly with a willingness to be
changed by what we hear.” Mark Nepo

Listening is one of the greatest acts of compassion. It is a form of giving and receiving. The evening will be a gentle weaving of guided meditation with the sounds of instruments - Quartz and Himalayan singing bowls, chimes, gong, ocean sounding drum, steel tongue drum and tuning forks - for one of the most  accessible forms of deep meditation.

Participants lie down in shavasana (a relaxation pose), close their eyes and relax as waves of sound washes over them. With an hour of sound meditation, participants can come closer to a state of peacefulness and the transformative power of meditation. It is an excellent way to experience a state of deep peace and calm.

Reserve your spot today

$20 per person or  class card

$25 at the door
$20 advance tickets available

Join Ian Boccio and Margo Gomes for a sound immersion that connects the rebirthing power of the goddess Kali to the energy of the dark moon through chanting and sacred sound vibration!

Chants will include 108 repetitions of the Mā Kālī Pañcadaśākṣara Mantra (the fifteen syllable mantra of Mother Kali), plus a recitation of the Kālīkāṣṭakam, an 8 verse prayer to the dark form of Divine Mother which includes a powerful dhyānam (visual/symbolic description) of the Goddess herself. As these chants float over the vibrations of sacred sound created by bowls and gong, we call upon Kālī to help us release everything in our lives that does not serve us.

Cosmic Sound Mandala presents sublime meditations that combine the sacred sound vibrations of Sanskrit chants, singing bowls, drums, gongs, and more, to create a connection point between Earth and the Infinite Cosmos.

Ian sings sacred bhajans (prayer songs) and leads the group in chanting mantras, accompanied by drums, harmonium, Indian harp, and various other instruments.

Margo creates a soundscape of sacred vibrations using Himalayan singing bowls, Chinese wind gong, and more, that form an environment of healing and meditative energies.

Beyond the Mat Book Club

with Rose Mary

Friday March 6th

7:00 p.m.

Free and a wonderful community event for everyone! We will share in the book Be here now by Ram Dass and the Movie Becoming Nobody. Movie and Popcorn Night!!


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