Our Grounded Kids and Tweens are Amazing!

There is not any words that can describe how absolutely amazing our kids and tweens yoga students truly are! To say that we are honored to be with them does not even touch the depths of that honor.

Today's children are incredibly powerful and wise and yet at times they have challenges in communicating and relating to a world that tries to define them. Innately they are so creative and have the gift of thinking outside of the box - opening to new possibilities and endless ideas! One of the main visions at Stillness is to assist our amazing children in knowing and embracing just how magnificent they truly are. Check out the pic of one of our tweens "I Am" flower....

Yes, you are ... All That and so much more! Thank you for being in this world and shining so brilliantly!!

Namaste, Namaste, Namaste, Yay!!

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