At Stillness we offer 2 yoga and meditation retreats a year: Spring and Fall. We know how important it is to take time for yourself, your own growth and renewal throughout the year. Our retreats are designed to be not only renewing , but also life changing and transforming.

When you give yourself time to reflect, journey inward, allowing that subtle quiet voice inside to arise, nurturing the body through gentle yoga movement, finding space to breathe in the openness and freedom of our retreat weekend ... life changes both inside and outside.


Inner Balance
A Yoga and Meditation
Wellness Retreat
at Elohee

Thanksgiving House
Friday August 20th -
Sunday August 22nd

Proof of complete Covid Vaccination
required for this retreat

Retreat Fee and Registration:

*Shared Room/Shared Bath: $570 per person (when registering please list roommate name) .

Our Retreat for August 20 - 22 has 


if you would like to be placed on a waiting list please contact

2 Twin Beds/Shared Bath

Heart Room

Now Filled

Double Bed/Twin Bed/Shared Bath

Sun Trail Room

Now Filled

2 Twin Beds/Shared Bath

Woodland Room

Now Filled

Private Queen/Shared Bath

Forest Room Now Filled

Private Queen Bedroom/Patio/Shared Bath Now Filled

Private King/Private Bath

Now Filled

Any room can be chosen as a private room/shared bath. $725. Please contact Stephanie for more information before booking double occupancy room as a private .


Join Stephanie Clement and Rose Mary White for a yoga and meditation wellness retreat to renew body, mind and spirit.

To see our wonderful accommodations for the weekend click here:

The words Inner Balance may seem so far from where we have been over this past year. Take time for a weekend away to

re-establish your sense of Inner Balance as we start to return back into more social and public lives once again. 

Inner Balance is an internal space of wholeness, a state where mind, body, spirit and emotions move toward harmony.  Inner Balance is a felt sense of calm, a nurturing physical space where we can slow down, take deeper breaths and make room for more of what we need to re-establish congruency within ourselves

once again.

Stephanie Clement
Stephanie is a mama, speaker, and a certified meditation and yoga teacher who specializes in mindfulness, meditation, and yoga for individuals, groups, corporate settings and retreats. Known for her engaging and authentic teaching, she has guided thousands of people through mindfulness, meditation, and yoga over her 15 years of experience in the field.

Her passion for teaching arises from her experience that the key to a sense of wholeness and fulfillment, depends not on the external circumstances of our lives, but on the state of our mind and the quality of our consciousness - "In the Stillness". Her mission is to bring a sense of connection and lasting well being to others through teaching in ways that are practical, engaging and insightful. She has a true passion for what she offers this world. She is committed to the journey- learning, and developing her experience, insight and wisdom of the practices of meditation, yoga and the holistic healing arts. Stephanie is also a Reiki Master.


Rose Mary White
Rose Mary’s yoga practice focuses on the slower and quieter side of yoga. In her hectic life as a high school teacher, Rose Mary has found the stretch and meditative work of yin,

restorative, and slower vinyasa flow exactly what she needs to balance the yang of everyday life. Rose Mary holds an RYT500 certification, a yin certification, a restorative certification, and a prenatal certification. She is also a Reiki Master.