Meditation is not  a technique, but a way of life. It describes a state of Consciousness where the mind is free from scattered thoughts and various habitual patterns. When you participate in meditation all the activity of the mind is reduced and you begin to uncover something more! You begin to uncover an inner awareness and a deeper sense of Self.

When the mind is calm, clear, and focused, you experience a deeper understanding of who you are and a new perspective of the world around you.

Guided by a Certified Meditation Instructor, you will explore several meditation techniques in depth. This experience will help  you decide which techniques are effective for you and 
inspire you to integrate meditation into your life.

Our classes include:

  • a short seated warm up to prepare the body to sit

  • Breath Techniques to clear and calm the mind          

  • Different techniques to support your meditation practice i.e breath, mindfulness, mantra, guided awareness.

  •  Wonderful uplifting community


Here are few testimonials:


"I just finished a great 6 week Mediation Class at Stillness and it was awesome. The group experience provided support and encouragement throughout the course. Stephanie is a wonderful teacher.  She shares her training, her knowledge, and insights with clarity, sincerity and even a few laughs. This was a great way to establish my personal meditation practice."


“There has been a lot of research coming out recently talking about the benefits of meditation. I had been shy initially to try meditation because of some of the religious undertones. This course explores different techniques in meditation without the religious stuff, so I could find out something that works best for me in my schedule."



"I have to say that this series has definitely shown me that, yes, I can incorporate meditation into my life!!  I have successfully meditated almost everyday.  I have also used the mini meditations if I get anxious during the day.

My favorite way to start is the one where I set my intention for the day - then just focusing on the breath and letting any thoughts just drift by like clouds.  It has truly been amazing.  Thank you for getting me started!"