Our Mission


"Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give 
yourself to it" ~ Buddha

Stillness Yoga is the yoga studio that supports your movement toward slowing down, taking a deep breath and cultivating stillness. Our focus and expertise is the subtle practices of a slower flow yoga, gentle, restorative, yin, chair and meditation classes.

Classes are ongoing with knowledgeable, experienced teachers, a warm community of students and a supportive environment to create a place of stillness for you to renew and replenish. Pause. Relax back. Take a deep breath. Know yourself underneath all the noise and find the beauty of who you are in the stillness~

"Step away now and then so that you can see the world more clearly and love it more deeply.” ~ Pico Iyer

We also offer Grounded Kids and Family Yoga Classes please check our schedule for times and days. Ages 14 years may attend any class with their parent. 16 years and above may attend without parent.

We are located in the Millwood Office Park (A quieter space that holds the stillness just for you!) on the corner of Old Canton and Roswell Rd. Across from the Race Track Gas station.

Our Instructors


                    Stephanie Clement               
500+hour CYT, CMT, CYT

Having experienced the positive transformative effects of yoga and meditation personally, Stephanie Clement, CYT, CMT, CYT, founded Stillness Yoga and Meditation Center in Marietta, Ga. in 2005. She is a registered yoga teacher at the 500+hour level, holds certifications in yoga therapy and philosophy, and she is a Certified Meditation Teacher. Recognizing the exceptional ability of meditation and yoga working together to unite the body, mind, and spirit, Stephanie's passion led her to pursue deeper studies in the areas of Meditation and Mindfulness, as well as Hatha Yoga and Tantra yogas. In her effort to encourage whole body, mind, and soul wellness, Stephanie is also a trained Mindfulness

Instructor, Mindfulness in Schools K-12 Instructor, and Mindfulness for Difficult Emotions. She is a Mindfulness Meditation Coach for corporate settings.

Stephanie’s classes are steeped in safe alignment for an approachable exploration of yoga postures and infused with a deep awareness of breath, allowing that still quiet place within each student to arise. Her meditation classes are accessible for everyone as she gently guides you into a deeper awareness of that quiet, non judgemental place inside . With experience in teaching both adults and children in private/group settings, corporate meditation coaching and retreat venues, Stephanie has found the practice of meditation, mindfulness and yoga to be a solid foundation for optimal well being and wholeness at any age.   

Stephanie continues to grow and learn by studying and developing her experience and wisdom of the practices of meditation, yoga, and the holistic healing arts with many teachers. She  holds a BS in Education from the University of Georgia and has an extensive background in teaching, coaching, and sports medicine.

It is with complete gratitude and deep respect  that she acknowledges the love, guidance and support that she is given by her teachers: Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri,  Karunamayi

( Amma),  Swami Jyotirmayananda, Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati, Sally Kempton, Sora Surya No, Master Yoga, Siddha Yoga, Yoga Research Foundation, Grounded Yoga, and Mindful Schools .

Stephanie teaches throughout the week. Please check our schedule page.


Lis Brodie

200 hour RYT

Lis Brodie is a proud graduate of Kashi Atlanta Urban Yoga Ashram where she studied with Swami Jaya Devi Bhagavati. 


Lis practices yoga with the beginners mind, always looking to learn from her practice and those that practice with her.  Lis teaches with the intention to make yoga available to everyone. 


She is very grateful for the opportunity to join such a wonderful group of teachers and students at Stillness.


Lis teaches our All Levels Class on Saturdays at 9:30 a.m. and Wednesdays at 10 a.m.


 Stillnessyoga 2019-86.jpg

Rose Mary White

500 hour RYT

Rose Mary’s yoga practice focuses on the slower and quieter side of yoga. In her hectic life as a high school teacher, Rose Mary has found the stretch and meditative work of yin, restorative, and slower vinyasa flow exactly what she needs to balance the yang of everyday life. Rose Mary holds an RYT500 certification, a yin certification, a restorative certification, and a prenatal certification. She is also a Reiki Master.

Rose Mary teaches Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. , Yoga Bliss on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m.


Michele D. Stewart


Michele's yoga journey:

Before I started practicing yoga my entire body hurt. I was stiff and sore from head to toe.  I knew I needed to do something but I did not have a lot of extra time, I worked a lot of hours.  

In 2012 I went to my first yin yoga class.  I was SO worried that I would not be able to do anything because my body was sore, my muscles were stiff, my joints hurt, I was physically “out of shape,” I was depressed and I was anxious. I was feeling bad about myself and I no longer wanted to feel this way. After my first yin class I felt different, in a way I had never felt before. I felt relaxed physically and mentally and I knew then that this was something that was going to help me feel better all around.  I was so stunned by how great I felt that I knew I needed to pursue “this yoga thing” further for my own physical and mental health.  

So that’s what I did and here’s where it led:  

October, 2012 began practicing yoga
May, 2014 received 200 hour yoga teacher certification (Be Yoga, Isabelle Casey and Rachel Goldberg)
May 2014 began teaching yoga (currently teaching seven yoga classes per week)
July 2015 received 100 hour yin yoga teacher training certification (Paul Grilley)
2016 Reiki Level I & II
2017 Reiki Master Level
August 2017 Yoga and Body Image Summit Course (Yoga International)
January 2018 Biodynamic Yin (15 hours) (Cat Kabira)
May 2018 received 200 hour yin yoga teacher training certification (Paul Grilley)

Taking the time to relax and unwind my physical body and my mind with yin has been tremendously beneficial to my physical, mental and energetic health.  I am here in the hopes to bring that feeling to the masses without intimidation.  

“Free your mind and the rest will follow…” (EnVogue)

Michele will be teaching our Slow, Subtle, Still on Mondays at 10 a.m.


Rodriguez headshot 2019.JPG

Christina Rodriguez
200 hour

Christina approaches teaching yoga from a place of service and she is dedicated to providing a safe space in her classes for ALL individuals at all levels of experience. Christina is a 200hr RYT, certified Yoga for All teacher, and has additional training in trauma informed best practices. Christina invites students to have their own lived experience of yoga by using interoceptive language and cuing encouraging an authentic and personalized approach to the practice. Christina always has the goal of creating and facilitating mindful spaces and practices that lead to greater awareness, connection and freedom for students on and off the mat.

Erin Beadle

500 Hour

Erin was initially drawn to yoga for the physical benefits of flexibility and balance.  After many months of steady practice, she began to catch a glimpse of the benefits that exceed the physical.  This led to the pursuit of her 200 hour RYT under John Merideth in 2013 and her 500 hour RYT and 800 hour Professional Yoga Therapy certification studies through Etowah Valley Yoga in 2018.   Erin truly believes that yoga can benefit everyone and aims to make classes that motivate and challenge her students.  She is key on alignment and helping her students gain a better mind/ body awareness and connection. Erin is truly passionate about health/wellness and nutrition and spent several years as the chair of the health and wellness committees at her son’s elementary and middle schools.  Above all, her most important role is being a wife and mother to 3 boys.

•    200 HR E-RYT registered with Yoga Alliance
•    15 HR - Ashtanga Weekend with Kino MacGregor
•    20 HR Yin yoga training with Douglas Johnson
•    500 HR RYT through Etowah Valley Yoga under the direction of Susan Hopkins
•    800 HR Professional Yoga Therapy program at Etowah Valley Yoga (trainings completed)


Lacy Caplan

200 hour

Lacy is a firm believer that yoga is for everyone, every body, every mind & every heart. Yoga gives us all the power to create balance in our body, mind, & breath to grow into our most authentic self. 
Lacy is a homebody, lake lover, and an elementary school teacher. She graduated Horizon Healing Center 200 hour YTT in March 2021 and is so excited to share the magic yoga with her community. She lives in Canton with her husband Michael and their labradoodle Henry. 

Amanda Harmon Cropped.jpg

Amanda Harmon

200 hour

Amanda has found that yoga has brought her closer to herself. Her goal in yoga is to open the doorway to loving-kindness toward herself and others, not necessarily by nailing a pose, but with reflection on the tough questions that arise in our practice: Are we really listening? How can we embody love on the mat today? Which parts of the body need attention? This is the exploration Amanda imparts in her classes. "I hope to open the door for students to be there for themselves, whatever form that may take. For some, it might look like hitting that pose after months of practice, but for others it might mean coming out of a pose. Showing ourselves that acceptance and self-care is yoga."